Thursday, September 30, 2010

mY dArLiNg~

this time nyza intro my beloved n my future hubby.. wait.. upload his pix 1st..

thats his name.. kinda cute n a very very faithful hubby.. love him cho much~ he is 22 y.o this year.. born on 23rd Jan 1988.. lived in KK, Sabah.. baru grad dari politeknik.. non-smoker.. non-so-social person.. he prefer to stay aat home.. doesnt it cute??hihi^^ we have a long distance relationship (never met him lor~T_T) but we were just fine lor.. nyza bukan type yang suke2 curang n die pon same.. so we were good..
panjang ceriteranye.. ok lah.. dipendekkan 1 inci, kitorang mule kenal kat friendster.. he add me and i approve him and comment "thanx 4 add!" and then die reply my comment.."ur welcome.. bleh kenal x?" something like that la.. and nyza pon time tuh dengan single minglenye.. dengan bosan n sepinye.. dengan menanam anggur di umanye.. say yes jeq la.. and then dari situ lah kitorang mule berkenal2an.. 1st we become bestfriend.. from commenting, YMing and SMSing.. we like best fren in an instant.. kinda mish that moment though..
on 14th June 2008...
before that date, i always believe my lucky love day will be on thursday ( that what they write on horoscope for sagitarrianz).. but that day is saturday.. nyza time tu g skola ade tugas as librarian.. but before that nyza mesej basre, told him semalam ade sorang lelaki tu nak kapel ngan nyza.. then he was like"........". Nyza g la skola an.. dah smpai skola nyza dapat mesej dari basre ;"kita kapel la.." so nyza pun was like wtf.. but i was happy.. nyza terime jeq la.. camtu la sejarah bermulenye percintaan kami.. so sekarang kami dah 2 taun lebih bercinte..ngee~ others might think this kind of love ( long-distance love) will not have a happy ending.. but if it's love.. we decide it forever.. no one else could do it better~^^

setelah sekian lama...

dah lame dah x update blog ni.. nyza ta taw sangat blogging nih.. but nak try gak.. erm.. nyza intro myself jeq la.. in Nyza.. 20 y.o.. currently study in Uitm Johor kampus Segamat.. lived in Jb.. nyza amek kos diploma perakaunan.. susah woo~ nyza ni 2nd child.. ade sorang abang, sorang adek lelaki n sorang adek perempuan.. dont like to have kakak coz nyza la kakak..hihi.. pix sibling nyza^^

pix lil bro tade la plak..hihi.. nex time la k..niza suke berangan nih.. n suke plan for future.. tapi most of them ta berjalan ssperti yang diangankan.. alangkah indahnye dunie kalo sume yang kite impikan jadi kenyataan.. tapi kalo sume impian dpt dicapai dengan senang.. tade makne la kite hidup an.. so we must strive for what we dream.. we decide our dream.. so we will fight for our dream even we die fighting for it.. coz thats what we want to do..haha.. so have fun guyz!! myspace graphic comments