Thursday, January 13, 2011

not-so-lucky day~^^

today is very exhausting..
got some unlucky things happen to me n got lots of tutorials but im too motivationally deficient to do it..
this morning when i on my way to class i slipped n fell from the stair.. its all uncle UK's fault coz i had to stop suddenly n clip my matrix card.. thank god i didnt got any injury.. not only that, i go to the wrong class.. u know when u in such a hurry that u didnt even got to see your schedule to see where ur class is.. i was confident my class was at blok C.. n then i check again to confirm n i was shock my class was at SL not at C.. i have to run to go to SL coz it is a lil bit far n im so very much late for the FAR class..haha thanx god again after that everything went good.. i was happy though~^^

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011; for me......

gudbye 2010 n hello 2011!!!
this year..just another year. lots of sweet memories but lots of pain and difficulties in previous years.. so i hope this year onwards there will be more and more happy times and just a little hard times (coz its impossible to not having any hard time at all!).. and as usual, talk about new year we always talk bout our ambition for this year n what we want to achieve this year.. well, if u guyz ask mine, let me think first.....
firstly, i want to improve my pointer this sem so i will try as hard as i could to make it happen..hee~
secondly, i want to keep my weight stable this year!! i dont want to get fatter than i am now as im afraid to have any disease and i want to look young forever..hihi
next, u see im type every words in good english.. that is because im taking Malaysian University English Test (MUET) this sem!! im so nervous and excited to take the test but in the mean time i got to boost my english ability.. if u guyz like or in a very very good mood u can rate my english lor~ngee
n above all, i want all my frenzZ treat me a buffet!! haha~ its a must!! so to my buds who read this post add this thing to your to do list! well that all i wanna do this yeaR.. and if i can make a wish, (even my bday is so long to wait) i wish i can grad this year.. in exact NOVEMBER 2011..hihi.. that all~^^ myspace graphic comments
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Sunday, January 9, 2011