Monday, March 28, 2011

huhh!? just now...

toshio?? ottokaji?? what should i do??
just now.. i feel something i have never feel in my whole life; this is the first. What is this thing?? It is kinda nervous + wanna cry + hard to breath feeling.. After i saw something, i start to feel this. Is it coz of that something? Maybe.. but i kinda frustrated coz i can never own that something. Something that so fine, so perfect like that will never wanna be mine. Its just too good to be true. How eh~ hux3.. Even now my heart still in chaos.. I have unfinished assignment that due tomorrow yet something has made my heart hurt. This is just too bad. How eh~ Maybe coz im a loner ranger thats why i felt this kind of feeling.
But still...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


hehe.. lately im busy with my assignments and tests..
but but~ still have time to work on certain things lorh~
first, university that i want to further my degree to. i never ever want to study in uitm anymore coz it's soooo boring~ same things happens everyday.. n datz d only all -u-c-is-malay-people place in this country. hihi.. not that i despise malay, it just very boring scenario that going on n on in my life.. now that im 20es..(cewahh!!) i wanna have some adventures in my life..thus, i want to further my study outside of my homeland or if not, in um or ukm..
i can do it!! atashiwa gambaru!!!
besides that, i think it will be fun if i could master other languages; not just learn but master it. as my english lecturer said, we( in the english class~) often learn a language but none of us really master in that particular language. thats why in my entire life if i could master 2 or 3 foreign languages other than malay n english, i think it will be more fun in the future~^^ n ive forgotten about my former plan to get marry after graduate from uitm or to be a cute young grandma..hik3 i dont even know if i really wanna get marry in this age.... guess ive been more realistic now. i just dont want my children end up being in a broken family..hua3
anyway, my plan is fixed and i have to achieve it before my 27th b-day.:D enough with d plan i wanna buy something to eat.. soon if i have time i will upload my ads video n some stories~