Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sem break is here!!!

finally, i can come home after a few months in segamat neh.. im so excited that i cant study anymore coz my mind already at home.hihi lately i feel so empty.. so i keep harrassing my bestfriendzZ(especially atynn n Tem!!) I think.. think of it as a joke or noise n zen2 no meaning to everything i said. I tell this just in case. U know, if i dont do that, i cant move on... so, sory guyzZ!! if u love me, layan jexX la~hex3
As a relief, i will treat u guyz with my cookingS..Although im still a beginner but i believe my cookings are tasty..hihi i cant work this break coz it is only 3 weeks holiday, thus, i want to fill my free time with learn how to cook several dishes and appetizers. i have collected a lot of recipes(mostly japanese dishes!) n im so excited to make them especially curry rice n omurice n hambagaa n pasta!! wahh~ i'll be fat la this sem break.. but who care? i just want to be happy n cook 4 my family n friendzZ..hihi im single now n apparently not ready for another r/ship, so this is the only way to not being so heartbroken..ngee^^
well, this life once u abandoned, it will never go back.. so we must enjoy ourself to the fullest! its totally stupid to cry over a person who cant even makes us happy.. i learnt a lot in this life thus it makes me quite matured n live the way i want. I really dont like to be the follower. im the trend-setter(^,~)..hua3
okay, gtg! adios!!^^

Monday, April 18, 2011

Studying @ learning???

feel so sleepy right now. This week is already the first examination week and i have exam this thursday.
To make it worse, it is LAW paper!! Gosh! But why my laziness wont go away. I dont feel like in the mood for studying right now. Instead, all I do is make my recipes book! This book contains all recipes of my favourite foods and food that I'd like to taste.
Wait.. I upload the cover..
Cute right??hihi..
This is my text book for sem break later. I will be a chef this summer break!! yosha! haha.. Anybody want to join me in learning how to cook lots of delicious foods especially the japanese ones, do come to my house this May.( dont forget the money n ingredients!!kui3~) but im afraid i'll gain some weight as i cook n cook.. which i have already lose some now.
Arrrgghhh!! toshio~
Aish~ Most important...i have paper this thursday!!!
now time to study!