Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sem break is here!!!

finally, i can come home after a few months in segamat neh.. im so excited that i cant study anymore coz my mind already at home.hihi lately i feel so empty.. so i keep harrassing my bestfriendzZ(especially atynn n Tem!!) I think.. think of it as a joke or noise n zen2 no meaning to everything i said. I tell this just in case. U know, if i dont do that, i cant move on... so, sory guyzZ!! if u love me, layan jexX la~hex3
As a relief, i will treat u guyz with my cookingS..Although im still a beginner but i believe my cookings are tasty..hihi i cant work this break coz it is only 3 weeks holiday, thus, i want to fill my free time with learn how to cook several dishes and appetizers. i have collected a lot of recipes(mostly japanese dishes!) n im so excited to make them especially curry rice n omurice n hambagaa n pasta!! wahh~ i'll be fat la this sem break.. but who care? i just want to be happy n cook 4 my family n friendzZ..hihi im single now n apparently not ready for another r/ship, so this is the only way to not being so heartbroken..ngee^^
well, this life once u abandoned, it will never go back.. so we must enjoy ourself to the fullest! its totally stupid to cry over a person who cant even makes us happy.. i learnt a lot in this life thus it makes me quite matured n live the way i want. I really dont like to be the follower. im the trend-setter(^,~)..hua3
okay, gtg! adios!!^^

2 hIt bAcK~:

Busyoxx's World said...

hahaha.. cant wait for it!!
gambate neh!!

Lia Anz said...

haha.. no hal lah~ later i come to ur house to taste my cookings..wahaha

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