Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happiness...not mine??

hihi.. look at the title.. so mellowlah~ngeh3 now, in exact 11:05 a.m. , im in my english class.. not doing anything.. But most important of all, HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO RAFIQ!!!! getting another year older~ but still im older than u but a lot2 more kawaii than u..hik3 hope u lead a awesome life and cherish every moment in ur life.. omg! im starting to show the symptoms of an old lady!!haha.. whatever..
huhh~ i dont know why my mood is kinda mellow lately.. i feel like i have no will to live or something.. guess it's just coz i got depressed with bunch of assignments and probs.. but sometime i feel like im out of my mind.. even last night i didnt get any sleep..i rather watch korean or japanese dramas or movies for all night long than doing my tutorials or sleeping.. i wanna cry a lot.. actually i did cry.. i cry n cry n cry everytime i watch a sad scene. i dont wnna stop crying..that time.. i just want to cry... its just too much for me.. should i move on or keep waiting for uncertainty.. tho shio.......

0 hIt bAcK~:

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