Saturday, October 6, 2012

ups n down of my life~

hi..such a long time..hihi 
i've been very busy with many things all this time that i forgot how to live.. i haven't write since last year and my page is still the same even though i've changed a bit (i think..) ever since i've graduate from my diploma, i took a part time job until i've been accepted to the same university again but in degree level.. have i told you where is my university? nope? well i'm in UiTM Segamat, Johor. 

view from Bangunan Kayangan~

i've completed my diploma and currently pursuing my degree (both in accountancy) in the same university. it can be describe as boring but most calming place ever for me~ may be due to the forest around the campus that has released its calming effect. but, unlike my diploma period, now i live outside the campus or also known as non-resident (NR).. being an NR, i rent an house in kg. Lubok Batu. my house is very calming with bunch of animals such as cats, monkeys and others. it kind of surrounded by a thin forest and the greens so honestly this place is perfect for me...hihi

2nd home~
i've a lot of new classmates and they are all funny and kind to me.. i think i'll enjoy this life as a student even more.. a couple of week ago i had a pet name Daebak..he's a so damn cute cat that found in front of my house. i've pet him even though my housemate said he was sick. even so, i love him so much that i cried and cried so much in the night before he died. i found him breathless in the next morning i woke up. i couldn't cry anymore for i know he was not in pain anymore. i only can pray for his happiness in heaven..may you rest in peace my son~

Lovely Daebak~
other than that, i move on and live happily though im stressing coz i gained few kgs..but its long as im happy~^^
report ends for today. =)

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