Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mid-term no break at all??

yo!! Yesterday was very cool! U know, after awhile, I saw a lot of stars yesterday I was so happy but still, I cant find my stars. They have been missing for quite a long time now and I wonder when they will come back. Thus, as I listened to Big Bang songs, I played in the park and watching the stars with my lil sis. It has been like 3 days since I got home but I dont feel happy that much. Its good to be with my family back but... there are too many assignment that need to be done plus, I dont know how to make a certificate template and.. I dont have anymoney to buy anything...huk3 U know, I even have to searched for coins at every part of my house to buy an ice cream.. and all i found was some of 5 cent coins but I satisfy enough that I can eat an ice cream eventhough i have to pay it with 5cent coins. Embarrasement or not, is not important for me as long as I can eat a yummy ice cream..ngee~

Plus, I still havent apply for bachelor degree yet due to unable to buy a no. Pin at BSN..kikiki~ When I think back, this time is the time that I hate the most- when I have a financial problem. I dont have money to buy food so as clothes. Ahhhhh..Im so hungry right now. My mom is so pity..I dont see her eat even once. She only give the food to me n my sis.. thats why I dont want to eat a lot.. Hahaha.. It just that I think I dont want to further my stuy anymore. I want to work and earn money for my family. I feel so useless that I can give anything to my family. Thats why, I decided that if I were to have a boyfriend, I want someone that high educated, young, handsome, diligent n most important, WEALTHY! I dont want to be with someone who penniless. I can come after that. Love is not important anymore!^^ Words from Yukan Club, a japanese drama quoted “life is the main course, love is only a dessert!”..hihi I think its time to face a reality and become a realistic person~ wahh.. Im about enter an adult world where there are so many complicated things! Im soooo excited!!^^........

Ussoooo.... Im so afraid actually. Honestly, I dont want to become an adult. I want to live a life where love is the main course. But if I still think childishly like that, I will not be able to support my family. Even if it means to put all my dreams in the drawer and lock it forever, my family is the most important thing to me. Thus, to any guy if u want to hit on me u have to fullfil the said condition k!!!hua3(evil laugh~)

Daa all~^^

0 hIt bAcK~:

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