Sunday, October 10, 2010

ha. ha. ha.

gosh... today is the boring day ever.. got nowhere to go.. i have done all my tutorials.. too lazy to study.. u know.. its a lazy day.. nothing to do but munching some snacks.. oo.. btw.. now i have my twitter~~ so guyz.. follow n tweet me at
Nyza Luffy !!! hihi~
i always feels like want to hangin out. but dont have much money with me lor..hihi.. as im typing i wonder if there is any grammar mistake.. sure there is.. u know.. im suck at grammar.. got a lot of scolding from BEL lecturer.. so sad lor..wuwuwu~ but i also try hard to improve it.. orewa gambate.. but no use.. it still the same.. so i just let it go lol.. its too hard to live worrying something like that.. so guyz.. if there really are grammar mistakes.. sory ooo~ hihi.. this is just another evening.. quarelling with my bf.. feelin lonely somehow... u know.. same old things.. whoahh.. im hungry!!! meishi ! meishi! haha.. i like luffy lot.. like strawhat pirates a lot.. like one piece a lot.. wanna know them? go to this website.. ahh.. i dont know what website coz usually i got it from my senior.. my senior is otaku lol..hihi.. my final starts on 25th oct.. its not that im not afraid.. but i dont know why im still dont want to study.. guess im just being myself..
ha. ha. ha.^^

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