Saturday, October 30, 2010

no more you...

its been a long time since the last time i feel like this.. got no one to lean on.. even i cry every night there is nobody know.. even him.. i think.. why we want to bothered with love if its never last.. we fight everytime we have a conflict.. even i told u to be honest with me u still prefer to hide things. u even rather walk away than solving the problem. u leave me here all alone.. crying alone in the corner of my heart.. we have promised to be together forever.. why that promise seems too easy to break.. maybe i should just love myself and only me. i gotta close and lock my heart.. i gotta throw away the key so that it will never open again.. and i hope nobody will find that key.. i dont wanna fall in love ever again.. i have no dream bout it anymore and i will never dream bout it again.. i better off alone anyway.. it is sad to be heartbroken.. i dont want to feel that kind of feeling ever again..
i... want to be alone.

2 hIt bAcK~:

Busyoxx's World said...

be strong my dear.. i'll alwes by ur side.. evrythngs happen there's a reason for it.. so cool down.. take ur time dear

Nyza said...

thanx darl.. i'll try so hard~^^

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