Sunday, October 3, 2010

what should i do??

i feel kinda sad.. because i felt my bestfriend is like stay away from me.. do you know.. i have this one person.. he is the person i cherish the most after my fmily n bf.. we have been a close friend.. until now too.. but until one incident.. i dont know.. maybe it just my feeling or what.. it started when i know he has feeling for someone else.. its not like we bf and gf or what.. we are just close bestfriend.. but why i feel kinda jealous.. no.. i feel sad when i know bout his feeling.. i feel like something has been taken from me.. how can i describe this feeling.. kinda strange feeling.. its not love.. but something else.. i dont know.. its just sad when i 'ter'read his comment for someone.. coz you know.. he always been there for me.. though he much younger than me.. but he is more matured and understand me.. i tell him everytime i got a problem or sad or fight with my bf.. thats why.. when he have someone he loves.. i kinda feel like im gonna lose him.. i dont wanna lose him no matter what.. i cant afford to lose him.. no matter what.. i need friend.. i dont care if nobody wanna be friend with me.. i dont care if i walk alone at school.. i dont care if i will not have anyone else as my bestfriend.. but if by any chance he dont want to be friend with me anymore.. he take me as his common friend.. and we will not close anymore.. i cant even think about it.. just think of it make me wanna cry til my heart content.. thats why.. plish.. what should i do.. i dont want this feeling to go away.. but i know i got to let him go sooner or later..
my bestfriend..
i owe u so much.. i'll never find bestfriend like you anymore.. i'll cherish u forever.. now.. go find ur happiness^^

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