Sunday, May 15, 2011

That why...

I wonder why should I said all my dreams to closed-minded people. Is it wrong if I dont like to work in the office? Is it wrong if I want to working and travel around the world at the same time? I think it is a great plan. The plan I had drawn fir myself; my own life. People may say it is easier said than done. I agree but if we didnt said it how do we want to do it? If we didnt tell the whole world we gonna do this and that in our life, will we have the confidence to do it? I know my self best. I dont have the confidence myself but once I said I really really want to it and I said it to others, I will make it happen. I dont wanna regret at the moment Im old and cannot move too much or else my bone will break, and speak to myself;"why I didnot take a chance to do this and that when Im was young? Why I have to sit here without any story in my life diary while others have plenty of it? I dont wanna be like that. When I think about it , it makes me extremely worried so I drew the plan for my life. It might be change from time to time but things that changed only when other people involved. For instance, when Im gonna get marry and because it have to wait til I confirm whom my soulmate is, so it will affect when I gonna have kids andwhere will I live with my family. However, things like how many kids I want and how Im going to educate and take care of them is fixed. I only want a pair of kids, a boy and a girl. And I want them to enjoy their life to the fullest without any obligation to help me earn money or pay my debts. I want they to feel very happy and grateful to be born into this world and havingme as their mama. Is it wrong if I think something out of common like that?? I am what I am and I dont wanna live having the same stories as others. It is my life so I want to plan something great so that I wont regret later. Even other people may think Im too simple-minded and life is not as easy as ABC, I know it all way better than anyone. Some sayings quoted; " if you did not had your bread with tears in your eye, you didnot taste a life"(something like this~~). But who care? Is eating a bread with a tear in your face will indicate that you have already experienced a life? Everybody has their own experience ans opinion about how they want to spend their own life fully so basically other people dont have the right to say whats right and whats wrong for us since they committed lots of mistakes in their own life anyway. hahaha~ peace!!! Im so relieved to have something to let it out to because if I keep it to myself I will be in severe depression and that is not good for me..hihi~ Now that I happy and want to continue learning my recipes. Chiao!!!!^^

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