Friday, July 8, 2011


it's feel goods to work out after have a very2 heavy n large lunch.. I had plain rice, boiled egg n a bowl of chicken curry.. It was very100 delicious.. hontou ni oishi desu~ but again, i think it has thousands of calories in them and if i dont do something and just lying on my bed then tadaa!!! all of them will turn into fats and stay as long as they like in my body..Thus, with assertive determination, i get up and today turned out to be cleaning day! I have tidy up my bed, swept the floor(on my area only~), do laundry numerous times,and now i still look for things that i could do other than lying on the bed. Speaking of the devil,I wondered why there are certain people insist to make me say that i have taken Herba****(HL) u-know-what-that-is thing to made me look like myself now(i've lost just a few kgs only~). Let me repeat it, i DID NOT taken the thing. U know why? First n most obvious reason, coz it is tooooooooooo costly!! IT will rip my wallet just to buy 1 bottle of it for about RM200!!!!!! And if I have that a lot of money, it will be better if I go shopping or eat in fancy restaurant instead of buying the shake. The HL is kinda same as milo or anlene chocolate flavoured and it is just a shake or precisely, meal replacement. In other words, if u want to take the shake, u absolutely cant consume any food other than the shake and plain water in order to see the positive result. If u have money and the wants, u cant hold urself from buying ur favourite food right???????????? deshio?? deshio?? Its such a waste if u drink the HL yet u still having 3 meals per day.. Zettai ni muri desu!!!! Thats why I dont have desire to purchase the thing. Other reasons... such as it is not worth to purchase, it is just similar to my Anlene chocolate flavoured drink but mine is way much cheaper and nutritious~hihihi Mahh, if u want to know how i end up like this shape...-simple. Just suffer a bit. What i mean by a bit is not actually a bit. It was an EXTREME suffering!!! Wait, let me refresh my memory back.........(after few hours~)
It was most likely last semester I start to lose weight... First, on this one particular day during BEL class, i saw my coursemate from other class seems to slimmed down a bit so i asked my classmate, Anith, who's bigger, me or the girl and Anith said that i'm bigger. I admit I was a little... not a little but pretty frustrated not to mention not long after that i clash with my x-bf.. Since then I kinda have much free time. I watched Korean dream, Dream High and i saw how Pil Suk(acted by IU) was so determined to lose weight for Jason. Thus, since then she has become my challange.. Like i cant lose to her...She can lose weight in a short amount of time so why not me? After that t was kinda hell for me..hahaha I mean like I have to adjust my eating habit drastically. Usually I ate abot one plate of rice with various dishes(mostly the oily ones~) and I perfectly have that kinda meal 3 times per day. Not to mention, junk foods and whatever unhealthy things. Do you guyz know how hard for me to change that?? One day, every morning I only ate 1 pack of OatKrunch biscuits as a breakfast. On the afternoon, I hve only half of plain rice and 1 type of dish. In addition, I drink nothing but plain water. I had litres of them to fulfill my body needs. And I never had dinner during night except when Kak Farah treat us KFC of movie time...hihihi But still.. First 1 week was a hellish week for me. To adjust my eating habit was a total suffering for me. After that, my body and mind has adapted to the new eating habit and the suffer was decreased a bit. As for exercise eh.. I think i was never really had a proper exercise routine other than running when i late for a morning class. Mostly, I will late for my morning class and what's worse, the classes was mostly far from my college.. And usually I will go for a walk every evening and did a few laps in order to sweat. Since then I felt my metabolism has increased bit by bit and I dont felt lazy often. I think that was one of the greatest thing has happened to me. I start to lose weight and can wear what i want~hihihi Above all, my risk for any disease especially heart probs has shrunken and I was so happy.. And I did'nt lose to Pil Suk! Yeay!hahaha.. However, that doesnt mean I didnot encounter any problem. As Pil Suk had Hepatitis A, I had several such as menstruation prob, kinda boneache and a bit paranoid... Thats why I cant really give anybody tips to lose weight coz if they got the same problem due to my tips, I will feel the most guilty(sory guyzZ~)
Mahhh~ Now my weight is steadily at 55-56kgs and I back to my old eating habit back coz of Dijah!!! Toshio??? I has to suffer once again coz I want to reduce my weight to 50kgs at most. Gambate ne!!!! It is time to take for evening walk so Daa~~^^

0 hIt bAcK~:

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